Chase Hawks Memorial Association provides financial assistance to our neighbors in crisis through our Community Crisis Assistance Fund.

We chip away, one family at a time, toward our vision of no person forgoing necessities because of financial constraints due to a crisis.  In practice, this means that the single mom with cancer who lives in Roundup does not have to choose between buying groceries and putting gas in the car to make it to Billings for chemotherapy. With your generous support, Chase Hawks Memorial Association can provide a grocery gift card so she can put dinner on the table for her kids and get the treatment she needs to get healthy and back on her feet.

While we never know exactly what kind of assistance will be requested, we have provided fuel for families to drive sick children to Denver, built wheelchair ramps, collected clothes and household items for fire victims, secured airline and bus tickets for medical travel, covered funeral expenses, and even provided Christmas toys for families in crisis who must spend their dollars elsewhere.

Every request is researched and whenever possible, we provide assistance in the form of a gift card, or by paying a bill directly instead of giving cash.  This helps ensure that your dollars go where they are supposed to.