Burn the Point


Labor Day Weekend

Friday & Saturday – September 1st and 2nd – 2017

In the 50’s and 60’s the block between 2nd and 3rd Avenues North and N 29th ST and Broadway was a constant flow of young people and their cars, in both directions, “burning the point”. It was the place to meet and greet. When traffic became too heavy, police walking that beat rolled out the “No Right Turn” signs stored on the corners, and the pattern spread to nine blocks. In subsequent years the lack of places to pull off and the pressures a city exerts when the inevitable few forget how to behave in a crowd sent the kids to the west end and a new place to cruise.

The Chase Hawks Memorial Association acquired the rights to “Burn the Point” from the Downtown Business Association in 2003. A lot of local car enthusiasts, led by Sylvia Gusick, have made this event bigger and better every year since.


If you come to watch:

Friday night, September 1 of Labor Day weekend, the parade brings the streets to life at 6:30 when the first of over 500 cars cross N 27th ST to rumble down 3rd AV N to the delight of as many as 12,000 spectators. We don’t know how to count them, but that was the estimate of last year’s crowd. They fill the streets, parking lots, parking garages and sidewalks. Kurt Anthony and Major Dan Miller from MOJO 92.5 FM announce the cars from the front of ST Francis Upper School and the Babcock Theater, respectively. As thebucky beaver pic 2y rumble back across N 27th ST Bucky Beaver and the Groundgrippers fire up on Broadway and there is dancing in the streets. This is a holiday worth staying in town for.



Staging begins at 5:00 PM on 3rd Ave North.  Enter at N 13th Street, West on 3rd Avenue North and join the line; registration folks will come to you. The $10 fee helps cover the insurance and other expenses. Once on the parade route, you do not have to obey the lights as traffic is blocked to the other streets. We know it is horribly tempting, but our permit is dependent upon NO BURNOUTS. Candy cannot be thrown from the cars, and no signs are allowed on vehicles. The entries are limited to cars and light trucks, only.


Burn.Show6.resized.JPGComing to see the show:

Saturday at 10 am the show opens to several thousand folks who pour over the classic cars on display at Rocky Mountain College Fields on the South side of campus, off Poly Drive. For only $3 (or $2 and a Pepsi Can) you can take your time looking these beauties over. Almost 300 strong, there’s a lot to look at. A variety of vendors offer food and beverages on what is always a sunny summer day. Over a hundred trophies are given, and the judges are the sponsors of the trophies; can’t be more fair than that. A lot full of cars, music, good food and drink…how do you beat a day like that for 3 bucks? nodogsallowed-300x300 As much as we love dogs, they are not allowed at the show, so please leave fido at home. While you are here, there is also a swap-meet and a car corral going on.  Parking —  Off Rimrock RD, 13th Street W, 17th ST W, and 1st Presbyterian Church (SW corner of 13th & Poly) We will have shuttle service from the upper parking lots and Handicap Parking (use West Poly Dr. entrance).



Gate opens at 8 am at East Poly Drive entrance only. Register on site: fee $20 – Raffles, Awards, and Trophies announced at 3 PM. We expect over 300 cars

Call 248-9295 for more information.